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Mor Goldstein - Founder and C.E.O. of

"Mor Goldstein Music company".

active in the field of Musical Productions and Events Managements during the last 15 years, and believes that music is a way of life, and transmits this message in every event.

"Mor Goldstein Music Company", adjusts the proper music, it's content and motive according to the needs, nature, and audience.

"Mor Goldstein Music Company" believes in maintaining a high-quality, young spirit musical line, combining Multi-generational musical concepts and styles into one music line that all audience like enjoy and take a part on the groovy dance floor.

In addition to the activities mentioned above (management of wedding, dance parties and musical productions) "Mor Goldstein Music company" djing for dance clubs in which our "music line" is well known and most appreciated by the audience.

The combination of quality music and a young line, creates a new refreshing music-line that makes your wedding or special event, into


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