מור גולדשטיין

Some facts about us.

The company was established at the beginning of 2000 by Mor Goldstein.

Since then, our company gained much experience, a rich repertoire, and a professional performance, making your Event unique.


We commit to turn your fantasy Event into reality, by paying close attention to your requests, providing advice and guidance - because "the" connection between us creates successful event.

We are a small intimate company, providing state of the art products and high quality performance for each Event.

Our company employs an elite team of DJ’s that are at your service.

We treat each Event as Unique performance, so that is the reason we take it seriously.

Our company emphasizes on personal attention, professional approach and reliable service from beginning to end.

We are the right address for your Event!

מור גולדשטיין - החברה למוסיקה


יצירת קשר : נייד - 052-4888311   פקס משרד -  077-5346809   כתובת המשרד : שד' הנשיא 1 פרדסיה -מרכז מסחרי - צומת פרדסיה


  דואר אלקטרוני - DJMORINFO@GMAIL.COM                 - מתחתנים - מור גולדשטיין מוסיקה לאירועים



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